Support and enhance ideas: the role of Arkimede

Support and enhance ideas: the role of Arkimede

Arkimede, as incubator Innesta founding partner, in the I-Know project will coordinate the “UP-STAIRS, Incubation for Environmental SUSTAINABILITY and the quality of life and health of man” phase. To do that, Arkimede planned a series of actions to be implemented over a two-year period. The goal is to enhance the projects from the area they come from, giving them a series of services that can allow them to grow up. So that “ideas” can face, after that, the market in an autonomous way.


To reach this goal, Arkimede will structure its action through specific activities. First of all, Arkimede will launch a call for ideas to find the best projects in the field of environmental sustainability, quality of life and human health. The call will be addressed to university students, startuppers and both Sicilian and Maltese SMEs. It will be included also ideas came from informal groups. In case of admission, they will have to become a company. Arkimede will look for that sustainability projects will prove to have a real impact on who will benefit and, from that first call, Arkimede will have a state of the art of the projects came from the “I-KNOW territory”. The best projects will be included in a specific incubation process.


Arkimede will work with the teams that will take part in that incubation process through specific activities called “Business Clinic”. We are talking about controls in specific areas: sustainability, productivity, taxation, for example. Every B.C. will make a specific check on each of these aspects and it will provide a “diagnosis” to the team. In this way, the group will always know what their business “health” status is and it will allow mentors to know exactly what correct.


The contribution of the mentors called to follow these teams will be fundamental in this phase. Over the years, Arkimede has created its own network of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs in various sectors: they will support the teams in the Innesta incubator spaces to guarantee a healthy and sustainable growth of the incubated ideas.


The incubation process will consist of the following steps:

  • welcoming teams in the Innesta incubator coworking spaces;
  • market analysis;
  • competitors analysis;
  • validation of the idea;
  • business plan;
  • roadmap with the goal to reach and a prediction of when they will be reached;
  • developing team members’ soft skills;
  • creation of presentation pitch.

The aim of the course will be to reinforce the initial ideas to allow the incubated teams to present them to the best investors during the MEDFEST event, planned in Malta in November 2019.