IKNOW has participated in the Marketplace of Sicilian enterprises: #Connext Sicilia

IKNOW has participated in the Marketplace of Sicilian enterprises: #Connext Sicilia

The Italy-Malta project iKnow has participated in the Marketplace of Sicilian enterprises which was held on 25th June, 2019, at the Terrazze di Mondello in Palermo.

Partnership and actions to foster competitivity and business opportunities between Sicily and Malta.


June 25th – In the prestigious venue of the ‘Terrazze di Mondello’, took place the event called ‘#Connext Sicilia’, the most important meeting for industrial partnership organized by Sicindustria (association of Sicilian industries), which is partner of Enterprise Europe Network, in cooperation with Confindustria and Confindustria Servizi (confederation of Sicilian industries). More than 1000 entrepreneurs and managers, and 400 enterprises attended; 600 B2b meetings and 12 workshops were organized on themes of interest for the participants. It was the ideal event to meet enterprises and establish connections with other entrepreneurs, and to lay the foundations for new business and development opportunities.


The Science and Technology Park of Sicily has attended as the leader of the cooperation project Interreg-V Italy-Malta Interregional Key Networking for Open Innovation Empowerment, IKNOW . The project is funded by the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and is a cooperation with the University of Messina, Kore University of Enna, Malta and the company Arkimede, a partner of the Messina-based incubator Innesta. Project manager Sebastiano Di Stefano held a speech about Development Connector Services, IKNOW strategies, the seminars on entrepreneurship acceleration, which have just been successfully delivered at universities of Messina, Enna and Malta, and about ongoing activities and expected results.

The event has been a fantastic showcase to illustrate the dynamics and initiatives of the project, which has achieved its operational and internationalization stage with the aim of promoting and encourage entrepreneurs to connect to a cross-border competitive network.


In a short while, a Call competition for ideas will be published for talents, start-ups and Innovative SMEs to support ideas introducing models, products or services in the fields of environmental sustainability, quality of life and healthcare. The acceleration program is organized in many actions such as an incubation program with mentoring activities, masterclasses with business experts, activities to strengthen the business model and team, a Pitch Competition to be held in December 2019 during the MedFest in Malta, meetings with international investors ready to fund the best ideas, and grant money schemes.

Participation to the event has been positively evaluated and it has been another opportunity for stakeholders, associations and traders to meet and do networking, and for young entrepreneurs and start-uppers interested in the projects to start contacts. It has also provided an opportunity for participants and speakers to interact ‘face-to-face’.




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