Event for stimulating investment in Innovation


MedFest’19 is an exciting new event to Malta, based on the extremely successful UK model, VentureFest, which began 21 years ago in Oxford and now takes place in 13 cities. This formula is proven to stimulate investment in innovative new companies and the commercialisation of intellectual property, which is why the model is being replicated here in the Mediterranean.

MedFest’19 is a joint initiative between Malta-Sicily, funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the I KNOW project to support open innovation and cross-borders relationships. The event is being organised in Malta by the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation (CEBI) at the University of Malta, and we are delighted to be hosting our I KNOW counterparts from Sicily on this prestigious occasion.

MedFest is a one-day to be held on December 14, 2019 at the beautiful Valletta campus of the University of Malta, with an invited guest list of 150 national and international attendees and VIP guests.

After a morning programme of invited speakers, the exciting main event of MedFest will be the ‘Live Pitches’ for equity finance. Eight entrepreneurs (four from Sicily, four from Malta) will deliver a high-impact, ten-minute, ten-slide live pitch, in a bid to convince invited private investors (Business Angels) to invest in their company. The entrepreneurs will be selected from those who apply for the Call, then intensively mentored to ensure they are well prepared. Each presentation will be followed by ten minutes of Q&A with an invited panel of experts and between sessions investors and entrepreneurs can meet in private to discuss potential investment.

MedFest is an opportunity for people with an innovative business, or business idea, to raise finance to bring that idea (their intellectual property) to the market.

Raising equity finance provides a solution whereby company founders offer a share of their early-stage company to private investors (Business Angels) looking for innovative ways to grow their money. MedFest will give you the chance to make such a pitch for equity finance to the invited private investors, which could very well change the course of your future.

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