Open Innovation Workshop: Opportunities for the Environment and Healthcare

Open Innovation Workshop: Opportunities for the Environment and Healthcare

16 July 2020 at Centro Fieristico Le Ciminiere, Catania, Sala VIP from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

On July 16th the Open Innovation Workshop Opportunities for the Environment and Healthcare will be held at the Centro Fieristico Le Ciminiere in Catania. The aim is to share innovative ideas, acceleration models, experiences, good practices and success stories with an open innovation approach by focussing on sectors such as “quality of life and citizens health” and “environmental protection”.

The Workshop is organised by the Scientific and Technology Park of Sicily and is intended to encourage experts, researchers and start-up businesses to share ideas and imagine opportunities for the healthcare and environmental sectors to produce value by triggering virtuous actions with the aim of spreading Open Innovation processes among SMEs.
It will be attended by experts in Open Innovation ecosystems and circular economy, in particular: Fabrizio Conicella, for the Association of Italian Scientific and Technological parks; Antonella Luciano for ENEA; representatives from the world of business, namely Camillo Gioè of the company Elmi; Carmelo Frittitta representing the Sicily Region Production Activities Department, and the Managing Authority of the Italy-Malta Programme.
The last section of the workshop is expected to have a great impact as it will present stories of innovative start-ups in the environmental and healthcare sectors with a focus on promoting and seeking business opportunities.

The workshop is part of the event called ‘Catania 2020 Environment and Environments’, a sort of Mediterranean exposition of green solutions to be held at the Centro Le Ciminiere in Catania from July 16th to 18th. The two main themes will be presented in two parallel sections called ECOMED 2020 and PROGETTOCOMFORT2020, which have been devised to be a meeting point for the supply and demand of ideas and technologies to foster cutting-edge technological solutions, identifying partners, opening the way to new and emerging national and international markets and sharing the value of virtuous experiences.

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