Seminars acceleration on entrepreneurship

Seminars acceleration on entrepreneurship aimed at university students, researchers, aspiring start-ups, innovative companies, managers and experts to transfer knowledge, skills and tools to become entrepreneurs starting from business ideas.

The Anglo-Saxon seminar model to stimulate entrepreneurship was elaborated by Prof Russell Smith of the University of Malta, already successfully tested.

The program is divided into an organic sequence grouped into three macro-areas:

  • Germination (Leadership, From idea to Business, Access to the markets, Team Development)
  •  Incubation (Business Planning, Financing a business idea)
  • Acceleration (Pitching, Leadership Management & Control)


The aim of the seminars was to guide entrepreneurs and aspiring people towards a competitive and innovative cross-border network where new and winning ideas can be created that allow access to new markets. The seminars are preparatory to the Call Competition for Ideas and the MedFest event, opportunity for match-making with investors, to be held in Malta next November 2019.


Two series of seminars held in Sicily at the Kore University of Enna and the University of Messina, and two others at the University of Malta. Each series lasted 80 hours.

Università Enna- UniKORE

Starting from 26th February 2019, the Kore University of Enna launched an edition of four seminars on acceleration entrepreneurship, focussing on business creation with the purpose of promoting the establishment of innovative enterprises. Each seminar organised into three meetings. The meetings were held at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and ended in May.

Speaker: Prof. Salvatore Tomaselli, associate professor of Business Economics at the University of Palermo

Università degli Studi di Messina

Starting from January 2019, the University of Messina launched an edition of four seminars on acceleration entrepreneurship, were held at the Economics Department. Giuseppe Ioppolo, professor of Lean Production and TQM of UNIME, had moderated two seminars on Financing and Business Idea and Access to Market aimed at facilitate the matching of students and potential young ‘entrepreneurs’, with industry experts, ‘SturtUpper’, experts in technological and product innovation, Fundraisers and Affiliate Marketing Experts. Best practices have been accompanied by successful experiences in emerging sectors (Biotechnology, innovative materials, ICT, etc.). A journey through the “commodities” and the new forms of “access to market”. The seminars ended in May.


University of Malta

The Accelerator Seminar programme was developed by Prof Russell Smith and successfully tested with academics in London coming from UK, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The two series of seminars on entrepreneurship acceleration have been completed.

Malta Enterprise and MCAST- Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology- have collaborated to recruit participants for the Seminars.