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Call Competition for ideas

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promote, support and
reward 10 innovative business ideas

An acceleration path to support innovative talents, startups and SMEs.

Officially open Call Competition to promote, support and reward 10 innovative business ideas and solutions from Sicily and Malta, aimed at improving environmental sustainability and quality of life and health and not only.

A great opportunity that provides the support of experts and investors, to achieve scalability and internationalization, from the early stages of development.

The main topics of Call Competition are:

renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, intelligent environment, waste treatment, food waste, green building, smart building, biotechnology, bioinformatics, medical devices, digital health care, assistive technologies, circular economy, social inclusion.

Participation requirements

Read the call – The following subjects can submit the application to participate:

  • informal groups gathering a minimum of 3 people who have come of age, and including two third of the whole being resident in Sicily or Malta;
  • Startups having their registered office in Sicily or Malta or having at least a local business unit located in Sicily or Malta;
  • SME established since less than 60 months having their registered address in Sicily or Malta or having at least a local business unit located in Sicily or Malta.

How to participate

Read the call – There are only two ways allowed for submitting the business idea:

  • to complete the online application form (below), within the specified due date
  • to send an e-mail, accompanied by the required documents specified below ( 4.1), within the specified due date, to either of the following email addresses:
    • for applications from Sicily:;
    • for applications from Malta:


The subject required for the e-mail is: “Common Call Competition – I KNOW PROJECT” followed by the name of applying team/startup. The hour and date specified by the provider receiving the e-mail shall be considered FINAL.

The opportunity

The best 10 selected ideas will receive incubation services, support, mentorship by qualified experienced mentors, entrepreneurial masterclasses, network of people and experts to exchange ideas and opinions, an accompaniment path from the development of the entrepreneurial idea to the identification the best go -to-market strategies to meet national and international investors.

The selected teams can start a supervised incubation process, planning a continuous pairing with experienced advisers and entrepreneurs, lasting up to 14 months at the Innesta business incubator (Messina) or at the University of Enna “Kore” for Sicilian businesses or TAKEOFF Business Incubator for Maltese businesses (spaces, mentorship, seminars, networking ..)

Furthermore, 8 selected teams, 4 from Malta and 4 from Sicily, will have the unique opportunity to present their business idea at the prestigious Pitch Competition MedFest 19, which will be held on 14 December 2019 at the beautiful Valletta campus of the University of Malta, where an audience of international entrepreneurs and private investors are ready to finance the best ideas.

MedFest 19 is an innovative cross-border event, organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship & Business Incubation (CEBI) of the University of Malta, the TAKEOFF Business Incubator, Malta Enterprise and Business First, destined to transform the method in which investments take place in the Mediterranean, starting with Malta and Sicily.

Deadline to submit the applications

SEPTEMBER 30th 2019


Online application form

During the compilation will be mandatory to specify if the team/startup is applying for the incubation process in Sicily or in Malta.

 Privacy policy

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