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This cross-border partnership is centred around public research entities (University of Malta, University of Messina and University of Enna “Kore”), knowledge agents (Scientific and Technological Park of Sicily (PSTS)), and private businesses (Arkimede).

Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico della Sicilia

Scientific and Technological Park of Sicily (PSTS)

The Scientific and Technological Park of Sicily (PSTS) is a consortium, partially owned by the Sicily Region, other research centres and companies active in different economic fields. Its mission is to foster competitiveness of companies and stimulate growth by transferring research, innovation and technology, organising training activities, attracting investments and supporting internationalization. The PSTS can rely on an effective network involving over four-hundred subjects among companies, universities, research centres, and clusters. It has benefited from resources coming from European, national and regional programmes in various sectors such as agriculture, agri-food, ICT, cultural heritage, environment, and life sciences.

The PSTS plays an important role as an intermediate body between research centres and the production system. It welcomes and supports any scientific and technological research initiatives capable of bringing innovation to processes and industrial products, broadening knowledge and services, enhancing the skills and experience of human resources. Thanks to this body of experience and characteristics, the PSTS wishes to position itself in strategic projects related to innovation and technology transfer by working in synergy with the entrepreneurial system and regional policy makers on open innovation strategies.

Università degli Studi di Enna "Kore"

Università degli Studi di Messina

The University of Messina (Unime) has always been characterized by the quality of research and teaching and its international vocation, it has got an extensive experience in the management of activity aimed to develop a technological environment favourable to the creation and dissemination of innovations, and in promoting technology transfer.

Within the I-Know project, Unime brings a significant added value in its role as a link between the research world and the Sicilian productive fabric, as well as its proven knowledge and ability to promote economic, scientific and social progress.

Unime will also give a significant contribution in terms of human capital offered to the project and in terms of experience in the field of dissemination and adoption of technological innovation. Moreover, thanks to its expertise acquired over the years in the field of patent production, its national and international reputation in the field of experimentation and implementation of scientific research results, and the network of relationships built up participating in numerous national and international projects aimed to develope the innovation and the diffusion of business culture, Unime will ensure the maximum chance of success for startups that will be set up within the I-know project.

In conclusion, the final goal that the University of Messina aims to achieve will be to promote the creation of new companies with highly innovative content and focused mainly on improving the quality of life and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the creation of these companies will not be conceived as the ultimate goal of its contribution, on the contrary it must be seen as a working methodology that will serve as a starting point for the creation of future companies with the same characteristics.

University of Malta

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Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation (CEBI)

Arkimede – l’informatica al servizio delle idee

Since its foundation, Arkimede offers consulting and IT solutions through systems capable of improving and enhancing the management of companies. Arkimede has supported large business groups in the design and the integration of information systems through development, consulting and use of modern information technology based on mobile systems.

 Arkimede has also concentrated its efforts on design and implementation of very complex networks, cloud computing infrastructures and cyber security. Moreover, Arkimede is committed to the development of skills through investment for professionals training in order to deal with growing market needs.

 To reach this goal Arkimede created Innesta, the first incubator/coworking in Messina. Innesta is a place where people can work and grow by sharing spaces and skills. It was born thanks to a close collaboration with other two local companies and the University of Messina. Innesta testifies how important is to Arkimede the educational and training values and how company pays close attention to the revenue and the growth of the territory.