Acceleretor Enterpreneurship Seminars

Acceleretor Enterpreneurship Seminars

Starting four editions of seminar acceleration on entrepreneurship aimed at university students, researchers, aspiring start-ups, innovative companies, managers and experts to transfer knowledge, skills and tools to become entrepreneurs starting from business ideas. In these days there have been numerous meetings with trade organizations and associations representing the territory to promote wider dissemination and participation.


The Anglo-Saxon seminar model to stimulate entrepreneurship was elaborated by Prof Russell Smith of the University of Malta, already successfully tested. The program is divided into an organic sequence grouped into three macro-areas:

  • Germination (Leadership, From idea to Business, Access to the markets, Team Development)
  • Incubation (Business Planning, Financing a business idea)
  • Acceleration (Pitching, Leadership Management & Control)


The aim of the seminars is to guide entrepreneurs and aspiring people towards a competitive and innovative cross-border network where new and winning ideas can be created that allow access to new markets. In addition, the seminars will be preparatory to the Call Competition for Ideas and the MedFest event, opportunity for match-making with investors, to be held in Malta next November 2019.

Two seminar cycles will be held in Sicily, at the Kore University of Enna and the University of Messina, and two at the University of Malta. Each cycle will have a duration of 80 hours.

University of Messina

The University of Messina will start the cycle of acceleration seminars on January 14, 2019, with the first section named “Leadership and Team Development” and will be structured in four meetings for a total duration of 20 hours, and will be coordinated by Professor Raffaella Coppolino , teacher of Business Organization in the University of Messina.


The seminars that will take place at University of Messina will have the structure contrived by Prof. Russell Smith, although to be more adherent to the needs of local realities, moments of theoretical analysis of the themes concerning business and industrial organization will be alternate to moments of debate between participants and experts or business witnesses that will be invited by the organizer.


In particular, in the theoretical session will discuss topics related to business and entrepreneurship, forms of business and property, forms of the market, and infrastructures supporting entrepreneurship. This activity will aim to provide potential entrepreneurs with the theoretical supports to interpret any business and market situation that could arise in the phase of choosing the entrepreneurial form and the market on which to place oneself.


These theoretical moments will be alternate to meetings with entrepreneurs, public administrators and representatives of trade associations who, after agreement with the organizer, will integrate the theoretical part of the seminar with operational analysis and address current topics on the entrepreneurship.


The seminars will be held in the halls of the Department of Economics of the University of Messina, and will be open to graduate students of the Sicilian universities, potential entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business or who want to explore the possibility of penetrating new markets or produce new products.


To this end, officers of Messina University department responsible for technology transfer and patenting, will explane the services offered by the university for patenting products. In this phase, the operation will begin the collection of requests for support for the development of new business initiatives by establishing with the participants the specific actions to be put in place to help or support the business ideas that will arise from the meetings organized.

Coordinator Leadership and Team Development seminar: Prof. Raffaella Coppolino

Updates will be available on the websites;

The seminars will be made available in streaming.


University of Enna “Kore”

The University of Enna “Kore” will start the cycle of acceleration seminars on January 24, 2019

 Facoltà di Scienze Economiche e Giuridiche – Plesso Centrale – Edificio del Rettorato


Leadership and Team Development – Seminar (20 hours)

Thursday, January 24 (7 hours) – Friday, January 25 (7 hours), Wednesday 2 febbraio (6 ore)

Business Planning & Pitching – Seminar (20 hours)

Wednesday 20 February (6 hours) – Friday 22 February (7 hours) – Tuesday 26 February (7 hours)

Business idea Financing – Seminar (20 hours)

Tuesday, March 12 (6 hours) – Thursday, March 14 (7 hours) – Monday, March 18 (7 hours)

From idea to Business: access to the markets – Seminar (20 hours)

Tuesday, April 9 (6 hours) – Wednesday, April 10 (7 hours) – Thursday, April 11 (7 hours)


Expert and speaker of the seminars: Prof. Salvatore Tomaselli

Updates will be available on the websites;

The seminars will be made available in streaming.

University of Malta

The two cycles of Acceleration seminars on entrepreneurship, programme developed by Prof Russell Smith of the University of Malta, will be held between February and April 2019.


The subsequent actions of Competition Call for Ideas, Business Clinic and Pitch Training, which will take place between May and October 2019, have been integrated together with the educational programmes delivered by the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Incubation (CEBI) and the business formation activities of the University of Malta incubator TAKEOFF. The integrated approach has been approved and endorsed by the Minister for Economics & Business and the Minister for Education in Malta; both Ministers have agreed to support and participate in the I-KNOW events throughout 2019, in particular the MedFest event.