Second online seminar – Open Innovation Working Lab

Second online seminar – Open Innovation Working Lab

On Thursday April 8th from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm the online seminar ‘Entrepreneurship and economic and personal growth: a strategic perspective’ will be held. The second of four events titled Entrepreneurial opportunities and social innovation in the South of Italy, it has been organised by the partner ‘Kore’ University of Enna in cooperation with the Center for Business in Society IESE Business School of Barcelona.


The series of seminars is aimed at providing alternative and critical conceptual tools which can help identify the emerging opportunities stemming from the current changes (such as in tourism), new technologies (internet-driven technologies), social trends (growing attention on the quality of produce and related certifications), etc.


Each seminar will be held by internationally renowned experts and successful entrepreneurs operating in the South of Italy. The goal is to raise awareness and encourage students to seize the current opportunities that are being provided to those who want to enter the world of business and social innovation and have a career in Sicily and the South of Italy in general.


The scientific directors of the four seminars are Professor Guglielmo Faldetta (Kore University) and Professor Antonino Vaccaro (IESE Business School).


Introduce the Chairman

Guglielmo Faldetta – Associate Professor of Business Organisation – ‘Kore’ University of Enna




Giovanni Valentini – Professor of Strategic Management – IESE Business School – Barcelona

Michele Frisoli – CEO – Manta Group



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